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Thai basil chicken!

Have a look at my new #1min-recipe. Enjoy!

How to make stuffed peppers with tuna! EASY RECIPE!

Have a look at my new #1min-recipe for stuffed peppers. Inspired from the book “Ouzo & Mezes” by Panagiotis Alexopoulos and Anastasia Zarboni. Enjoy!

New country, new rules

Switzerland is like heaven, so beautiful you will wish to stay and enjoy every moment. In terms of where we are staying (canton Valais), I cannot begin to describe how happy we are.

Cretan Dreams

All my life I’ve said I would get married in Crete. I would lie in bed with my best friend talking about my wedding to an amazing man in a small church in the middle of nowhere.

10 things I loved about living in Cork

We have been living in Cork for just over three years now and I have never openly talked about how I felt about living here.