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6 month passport "rule" really a problem?

This is a question that will only cross your mind if you’re about to travel and realize that you have 6 months or less left on your passport.

Growing up

Truth is, I’m still getting to know me and learning to love what I see. I chose to write about some bits of my life as I think it is a part of me that made me who I am today.

Give in to Hong Kong!

First of all, I did this trip with my father and my best friend in the world! It is easy to see why the company made Hong Kong all the more appealing.

How we fell in love with the Philippines?

We started our adventure in Cebu! What a beautiful city, I should say that from the moment we landed we were amazed with how clean it was!

Escape to Santorini

Dear Santorini, you are like a woman who knows she has it all and the world is at her feet. Yet, we cant help but fall in love with you.

Kimolos, Greek island deserving of praise!

We only went to Kimolos because we were invited to one of Sar’s good friends wedding! We were so thankful to be invited, as that weekend ended up being a great one!