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Feb 14, 2019 5 min read

10 things I loved about living in Cork

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We have been living in Cork for just over three years now and I have never openly talked about how I felt about living here. So here goes, 10 things we will miss about living here!

1. Irish people are warm and friendly!

This is a certified truth. You can ask anyone who has ever been to Ireland and they will tell you that the Irish are fun to meet and be friends with. We made some good friends here who have been kind to invite us to their homes and also give us some good tips on places to explore. There were times that I got upset with the weather and you can always trust the Irish to make a joke out of it. The day we arrived to Cork, a lovely Irish lady told me “there is never bad weather… only bad dressing”. Some of the friends I have made here are definitely ones I will be keeping in touch with for a long time to come. Obviously, we also made friends with other internationals who made our time in Cork fun with good party stories. We shared our time together as expats and its true what they say about life being better with great support around you. I had loads of pictures but I chose to display some great times we had.

2. It is easy to get around town by foot

Considering you live in the center or just around it like Barrack street, near the university etc. Imagine needing to go to the supermarket or to run some errands in town. All you have to do is walk to the center and everything you need is there. Yes, it is not London or Singapore but you get the essentials with a nice amount of shopping. If you are a shopping diva forget it, Cork does not have what you are looking for.

3. Nice nightlife, with a variety of pubs to choose from

At the weekend, you can be rest assured that there are great choices to pick from. Here are a few of my favorite party places in Cork that I’ll miss!

  • Reardens
  • Crane lane
  • Frisky whisky
  • Pigalle
  • Franciscan well
  • Voodoo club (guaranteed fun night out!)

4. Cork airport is so close to the center

It is a 12 to 15 min drive from our home to the airport. Although the flight connections are poor we cant deny that the close proximity to an airport is a bonus!

5. It rarely gets super cold or snowy in the winter

Yes, it is cold and rainy but its not like mainland Europe where it snows with minus temperatures. It rarely snows in Ireland, some can argue that its not fun when there is no snow.. I would say maybe its best since everything seems to shut down when it does. So if you like the humid weather more than ice and dry then.. Ireland is for you!

6. Guinness my old friend

Where in the world can you get a fresh cold pint of Guinness? You can order it anywhere else but it wont taste the same (Guinness never tastes the same as when in Ireland). That is the truth. you can argue with me all you like but case closed. I will miss a good pint of Guinness. Although, in Cork, people drink Murphy’s so I should say try it as it may be your drink of choice.

7. Cork is surrounded by beautiful nature

Rent a car or as an old fr-enemy used to say “find a friend with a car”. Go touring around the region. You will find the most spectacular beauties. Places such as the cliffs of moher, Kinsale, Cobh, Dingle peninsula, ring of Kerry including places such as Killarney national park. These are all commonly known places but there is so much more to explore. Being able to drive out to any of these places is one of the highlights of living here. Cork is a great spot for nature lovers. Here are pictures of some of our favorite days here.

8. O’Conaill Chocolate Shop

If you lived in Cork you cannot get enough of this amazing hot chocolate! The chocolate shop can be found at french church street in town or every Sunday at the market beside the marina. There is a hot chocolate stand with the best dark chocolate that Sar swears is the best in Cork. I personally like butlers chocolate too.

9. How can I forget the fresh dairy, eggs and meat

If you have traveled much, you will start to find the distinct differences in foods. In Cork, eggs, dairy, poultry and red meats are fresh and simply delicious. Coming from Singapore I appreciate the juiciness of meats and eggs with lovely orange yolks. Although I am not a milk drinker, I know Ireland is a large producer of milk and if you have tried it you will know it tastes amazing. Unlike, the powdered milk we grew up drinking. Think of all the great ways you can be getting your optimal nutrition. Another place I will miss greatly is the famous English market. You can find almost anything you will need to prepare any dish. Do check out the fish section too as I love getting our salmon from there.

10. Cork Jazz Festival

Last but not least I have to mention the famous Cork jazz festival! People come from all over the world for the weekend to immerse themselves in jazz music performed by hundreds of musicians at various locations around town. The city is buzzing with street musicians to cafe performances and night events. ALL DAY LONG. This year it will be held from 24th to 28th October and we are gutted we wont be here. This is the one weekend it is fun to just go out and see whats happening even if you are not a jazz fan.You never know what you will find. One time, we enjoyed jazz music at Gallaghers gastro pub and it felt like we were in New Orleans. Such amazing memories we will never forget.

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