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Escape to Santorini

Dear Santorini, you are like a woman who knows she has it all and the world is at her feet. Yet, we cant help but fall in love with you.

Kimolos, Greek island deserving of praise!

We only went to Kimolos because we were invited to one of Sar’s good friends wedding! We were so thankful to be invited, as that weekend ended up being a great one!

Vietnam opened my eyes

I feel like I did not do justice to our trip in Vietnam. It was the best one month of my life and I spent it with my best friends Jun and Jonas and a friend I met while travelling Cambodia, Lukas!

Love from South Korea-famous for Gangnam Style!

I have not visited either of the Korea’s yet but one of my close friends Luis, travels so much for work he decided that he will be sending me pictures from his travels to add to my love for food.

Chinese brunch-Dim sums anyone?

You know what I am craving for most? DIM SUMS! A typical Asian-Cantonese brunch is called “yum cha” in Hong Kong which are dim sums served with chinese tea.

LEAVING TIME by Jodi Picoult

This is my first read of the summer! Lets just say it left tears in my eyes when I was done. Once again you’re given four peoples perspective in the story: