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Jun 12, 2018 2 min read

Vietnam opened my eyes

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I feel like I did not do justice to our trip in Vietnam. It was the best one month of my life and I spent it with my best friends Jun and Jonas and a friend I met while travelling Cambodia, Lukas!

  • We started in Ho Chi Minh city and visited the cu chi tunnels

Typical market day

  • Nha Trang for some beach days

Nha Trang

  • Dalat for canyoning at the waterfalls (scariest thing I have ever done but most rewarding!)



More abseiling

  • Hoi An for culture and its tailoring (It is a pretty little town!)

Elephant waterfalls

  • followed by motorbike ride to Hue for a walk around the perfume river and a trishaw ride through town


  • Hanoi for culture and the secret night life (due to military curfew!) and street food was amazing!


Chilling in Hanoi

  • Halong Bay we took the party boat which allowed us to meet new people; we got to explore the caves and kayak through them. Needless to say the party on the boat was fun; we made new friends and two of them eventually visited us in Singapore!

Halong Bay

Party boat

  • Lastly, we ended up in Sapa where we did a home-stay with the local people. They took us for a 13 km walk up the mountains where we met their families and ate with them and learnt from them about their culture and what a daily day is like for them. In the day, we explored the market in town to have a look at all the natural works by the people. They made beautiful handicrafts using natural colours and materials.



Sapa home family

I think of this trip often. It was the one time in my life I had no plans and just went with whatever I felt the next morning. Yes, I was broke but I was so happy. I always get carried away worrying about the future, and its made worse with my drive to be perfect. Now, whenever I feel myself drifting away, I think of Vietnam. Letting go all worries and just thinking for today. Thus, for me Vietnam will always be in my heart and I am glad I shared that month with my best mates.

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