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Jul 8, 2018 3 min read

Kimolos, Greek island deserving of praise!

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We only went to Kimolos because we were invited to one of Sar’s good friends wedding! We were so thankful to be invited, as that weekend ended up being a great one! So here are some tips to explore Kimolos and have an authentic Greek experience from my perspective.


The town and port is a short walk so we felt the best place to stay would be in between. We booked two nights at Kimolis hotel for 220 euros with breakfast included and I assure you the service provided was amazing! Yes, it may seem costly, but its a great location if you fancy swimming by the port or a walk around the town exploring the small streets, 17th century churches, traditional Greek taverns, shops and homes. However, it is not too near to the beautiful beaches, you will need car for that! This may cost around 30 euros a day. In the summer, it gets so hot, its a good idea to have a car. We tried walking to the Rema beach with the elephant stone but after 20 minutes of walking it gets nearly unbearable in the heat. So definitely get yourself a ride!

Rema beach


Prassa beach is so beautiful and the furthest away (about 10 mins by car), but definitely worth the travel! It has white sand with turquoise waters, also organised with umbrellas and a little cafe (get yourself a nice cold Freddo cappuccino!).

Prassa beach


You can also swim at the Psathi (port)! We saw quite a few people jumping into the clear waters! There is also Rema beach where you’ll find the fisherman village (picture with colorful doors) and a great place for pictures too.Another tip is there is a nice elephant shaped rocks that you could snap a cute picture at! Some people like diving and there is a nice place for that, Karas beach! Poliagos beach is located on the island nearest Kimolos, you will need a boat to get there (10 mins approx) that is where the wedding beach party was hosted! It is a natural beach with endangered species such as seals etc. You won’t see them near the beach where people swim but maybe you could get lucky if you explored the island?

Nice view


Food & Drinks

Look for the Agora street in the town center! You will find nice bars to hang out at. Also, the town center, which the Greeks call the ‘platia’, is where you’ll find taverns with yummy Greek food. Although, we only spent the weekend in Kimolos we felt it was an authentic experience.

Sar and me

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