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New country, new rules

Switzerland is like heaven, so beautiful you will wish to stay and enjoy every moment. In terms of where we are staying (canton Valais), I cannot begin to describe how happy we are.

Cretan Dreams

All my life I’ve said I would get married in Crete. I would lie in bed with my best friend talking about my wedding to an amazing man in a small church in the middle of nowhere.

10 things I loved about living in Cork

We have been living in Cork for just over three years now and I have never openly talked about how I felt about living here.

6 month passport "rule" really a problem?

This is a question that will only cross your mind if you’re about to travel and realize that you have 6 months or less left on your passport.

Give in to Hong Kong!

First of all, I did this trip with my father and my best friend in the world! It is easy to see why the company made Hong Kong all the more appealing.