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Thai basil chicken!

Have a look at my new #1min-recipe. Enjoy!

How to make stuffed peppers with tuna! EASY RECIPE!

Have a look at my new #1min-recipe for stuffed peppers. Inspired from the book “Ouzo & Mezes” by Panagiotis Alexopoulos and Anastasia Zarboni. Enjoy!

Love from South Korea-famous for Gangnam Style!

I have not visited either of the Korea’s yet but one of my close friends Luis, travels so much for work he decided that he will be sending me pictures from his travels to add to my love for food.

Chinese brunch-Dim sums anyone?

You know what I am craving for most? DIM SUMS! A typical Asian-Cantonese brunch is called “yum cha” in Hong Kong which are dim sums served with chinese tea.

Favourite brunch spot in Cork-Perry's Street

Sar and I come here often and I think we’ve ordered the same thing several times (roast chicken and warm black pudding salad). Would that be boring?

Weekend shenanigans

We spent Saturday in Killarney catching up with friends from my university. I was never very good with goodbyes despite the time spent apart, I always feel this little bit of sadness.